Episode 32: Evolving Together


“It was intense, we weren’t sure if Taya was going to live or die and everybody was crying and wailing, first responders were coming, it was- it was- and both, you and I, had this moment that we didn’t talk about for a long time afterwards because we were in triage, we both had a moment getting to the road where we thought we’d just crossed over into the land of the fucked. And, our life was never going to be the same again.” –Hilary

“…it was like time stood still, I turned around and started running, we all started running.” –Pierre

When we don’t spend a lot of time together, our intimacy goes down. And because our intimacy goes down, when we see each other there’s no intimacy between us, So the more I travel, the more I think our relationship is more transactional partnership based. –Alexander

“…there is so much more to you and me than what happens in that bed.” –Janice

Witnessing change is our subject today. We hear all the time, we’re not supposed to “fix” our partner, but how do we move away from that to something else?

Our couples today, Hilary and Pierre and Alexander and Janice, have been married a long time. They both have practices that keep them curious about their partner and help them evolve together rather than apart.

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