Episode 30: This Is Communication


“The day before the surgery, I sent that letter out to 900 people on my patient list and being a doctor and sharing a health issue with them about me was really, really scary.” –Larry

“I don’t want to be cancer couple. I really don’t. I have no desire to be that and I have no desire for you to be a Crohn’s guy or a cancer guy, like I just want us to be in love and in our creativity, and let that story go.” –Macy

“I’ve never been in a monogamous relationship ever.” –Orpheus

“I think it’s crazy how so many people are okay with someone who cheats or they might not be okay with it but it’s considered acceptable. You know what I mean? It’s the taboo thing that they do but when you do this openly, then we’re the crazy people.” –Indigo

Larry and Macy found each other later in life and delighted in their shared eccentricities -chihuahuas, jello, and colorful clothes. Then, Larry was diagnosed with colon cancer. Their path through his illness is nothing less than truly inspiring and shows us the power of words.

BDSM…Master/Slave…are you feeling uncomfortable or perhaps excited? Meet Orpheus and Indigo. Married more than two decades, their poly Master/Slave relationship is an example of how great communication equals amazing intimacy.

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Free Guide for Women who WANT love: Wake Up and Smell the Loser: How to stop attracting jerks https://bighappylove.lpages.co/wake-up-and-smell-the-loser/
Orpheus Black is a sex educator specializing in poly, D/s and M/s dynamics. He is also a professional and lifestyle dominant, and alternative lifestyle speaker in Los Angeles. For more information on classes or speaking engagements please email him at orpheusandindigo@gmail.com. You may also visit Orpheus on Facebook.
 Music provided by Prettyhowtown, Jeff Wahl, and Reza Manzoori
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