Episode 29: Coming Out


“Consent is a language and the more you use it, the better you get at it. We just think of sex is like this natural thing that’s supposed to happen and it’s not. It’s awkward and uncomfortable and weird and like funny sounds happened.” –Sara

“She found journals of mine after I’d moved out. And she said that she would just read the stuff in it and it would just break her heart because she’s like, ‘You would write this stuff on a paper journal and stuff it under your bed, but you wouldn’t talk to me about it.’” –Daniel

“I remember your mom just saying like that. She like read those and cried.” –Jonathan

Sara Connell is a domme, a sex educator and a polyamorous transgender woman. She hosts the Queer Sex Ed podcast. Our producer, Kim Poletti, talked with her about her experience coming out as bisexual and then as a trans person.

Jonathan and Daniel opened up about their experiences coming out as gay in small-town Texas. They’ve been dating two years and describe the support each gives the other as they evolve individually.

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