Episode 28: Young Love, Old Love

Featuring JAMES + JACY and BOB + PEGGY

“We have a club in our house. It’s called the Idiot Club and I’m currently the president, co-founder, founder, CEO, and head guy in charge. And Peggy is constantly trying to take my position away from me. So when we do something stupid, we look at each other and say, “Uh-huh, you’re working on becoming the president of Idiot Club,” and we both laugh about it. —Bob

“I do feel like it is hard to meet so young because you get so many questions. You’re too young to know what love is and too young to be committed to each other and you shouldn’t be that way. People always say like, “You need to have those wild years and all these things.” Sometimes that’s hard to hear and I think a lot of that did influence why we broke up for a while. People, “You shouldn’t only date one person. Be serious with them and you need to experience and have all these things,” and it’s not always true. It’s not how it worked out for you and I. All I experienced after we broke up was like lying on my bed and being sad.  —Jacy

“You have to pick and choose the right time to talk because there’s a proper time to bring a subject up and there’s a proper time not to bring a certain subject up and you have to be a wise person to know what that is. —Peggy

Elephant Talk met these two couples on the road last summer in Texas. Bob and Peggy have been married 40 years and keep their relationship light-hearted by using humor and not taking things personally. They’ve enjoyed an adventurous life together from dinner at the White House to living abroad for a decade. 

James and Jacy met as teenagers and married seven years later. As newlyweds in their early twenties, they represent a smaller number of couples in the US choosing to marry early. More couples are waiting until later in their twenties to tie the knot. James and Jacy share their story of dating, breaking up, and coming back together.

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Music provided by Park St. Trio and Daniel Estrem

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