Episode 27: Choosing Love Over Difference


“…I did notice that recently…you have stopped referring to them as my kids. And you’ve actually corrected yourself a few times and you’ve said, “Our kids are our family.” And I just have to say that that really hits me. I know that it takes a lot for you… that’s an intentional decision on your part to say that and I just want you to know that.” —Katie

“…in this relationship because I know I feel like this, we fight every day for what we have and how we live and it’s always a struggle, but we are present every day to make this work.” —Talyn

“I do get that you’ve had to pull back what you would normally say or what you would normally do if these were your biological children.” —Parie

“Biologically they’re not my children and so it’s just a different… I mean I can’t act the same way no matter how much I try. It’s impossible. So that’s been a difficult process…just what I can and cannot do.” —Richard

This episode is about things that can divide us…step children, politics, race. And, it’s about how these two couples choose their common love over the areas of tension, every single day.

Katie and Talyn are a biracial couple and Talyn is a step-parent to Katie’s children.

Richard and Parie are step-parents to each others children. They also have very different political beliefs. Both couples demonstrate moving beyond their differences in support of the greater love they share.

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Music provided by Heavy Mellow, Reza Manzoori, and Russ Hopkins
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