Episode 26: We Don’t Always Like Each Other, But We Love Each Other


“We went to Nepal. It was really difficult. You can’t drink the water or anything. I had just about had it with you and I swear if I had never seen you again, it would have been fine…and I really wanted a divorce.” —Marypat

“I could wipe myself with one square in Nepal. I broke it into four pieces.” —Kurt

“So that’s the good news and the bad news. You’re very bonded as a couple. I love that. So you’re very sensitive and in a way maybe the problem is you’re too empathic so you go straight into feeling what the other person is feeling.” —Dr. Heitler

Marypat and Kurt have been married 21 years. In addition to their deep love for one another, they also have significant areas of disagreement including finances and how to raise their kids. One of the ways they cope with these differences is by not dwelling on the negative.

This episode explores their love story and challenges. And we follow their conversation with a counseling session with Dr. Susan Heitler and Marypat and Kurt. We hear how language can be a powerful tool for re-writing our story and bringing collaboration back to the relationship.

Visit MaryPat’s website:  https://mpmundingrealty.com

Music for this episode was provided by David Monica and Jasmine Brunch.


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