Episode 24: Loving and Letting Go

Featuring Kevin + Emily

“You know there’s a lot of silver linings but that’s one that’s really been surprising to me it’s how much you want to reach out and you know give to other people.” –Emily

“…there’s also just this belief that… you’re part of a huge world and, you know, there’s a plan and you do what you can within there and do the best you can.” –Kevin

“It’s been a remarkable…journey in so many ways, not just in the last six months but just the big picture, the small picture. I feel so much…love for you and all you’ve done for me our family. I want to thank you for always being here and being a real rock.” –Kevin

Despite a diagnosis of brain cancer, Kevin was an optimist and continued to “make it a great day” every day until the end. This is a story of finding love and letting it go. A story of how we learn to let love in. A story of Emily and Kevin and life after his passing.


Kevin was the Dean of the School of Education at QU.

Quinnipiac University School of Education: https://www.qu.edu/schools/education.html

The Quaker church Kevin and Emily attend:

Spring Glen Church: http://www.springglenchurch.org/

The Cove Center for Grieving Children: http://www.covect.org

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