Episode 22: The Power of Two

Featuring Sienna + Aldo and Raj + Gaby

“We knew that we could push each other to fulfill the potential that we saw possible, not in just each other but in the culmination – the sum of us together.” –Sienna

“Yeah. I feel the same way. I feel like you push me. It’s like we agree we’re going to jump out of a plane, you know? But at the end you are the one who pushes me out [Laughter]” –Aldo

“One of the things that always comes first to me is this odd fallacy that seems to have just infused our culture that if you’re with the right person that your relationship should just work…we never are taught how to have a great relationship and it’s one of the most challenging things I think on the planet.” –Raj

“People who meet us now, say, ‘I want what you have,’ and you know I always say to them, ‘It didn’t come out of the box this way. This was not like a Cracker Jack Prize.’ It really has taken some effort.” –Gaby

Sometimes one plus one equals four. Two different couples show how their gifts to the world are multiplied as a couple. Sienna and Aldo run a small artisanal chocolate company and became first-time parents shortly after we spoke. Raj and Gaby used their relationship as a tool for self-growth. Now, they counsel other couples on how to be proactive about relationship health.

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