Episode 21: Dating with Disabilities

Dating with Disabilities

Featuring Dr. Danielle Sheypuk

“It can be very difficult when someone is with their able-bodied friends and they’re talking like, ‘Oh, when was your first kiss? How was that? Did you ever make out with someone?’ Sometimes my clients will feel shame. They’re not part of that. It hasn’t happened for them. That’s really upsetting and that’s what I want to change.”

Human beings are wired for connection. Disabled people have the same desire for connection as non-disabled people. Dr. Danielle Sheypuk is a disability-rights advocate and psychologist who specializes in dating, relationships, and sexuality among disabled people. She crusades to normalize disability within the dating world, and shatter the stereotypes and prejudices about disabled people. The possibility for steadfast love and a hot sex life is there for everyone.

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You can view her website here.  And her TedX talk titled: “Every body: glamour, dateability, sexuality & disability.”
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