Episode 20: Mindfulness Meets Online Dating

Stories and perspective told by Amy Baglan.

Mindfulness Meets Online Dating

“Here I am doing my gratitude practice, and here I am doing my meditation. But, how much of that work am I actually putting into my relationship and my dating life? And I thought, that’s so weird because I don’t think it’s the same level of intention and attention that goes into it and what if we shifted that?” — Amy Baglan

Amy Baglan is on a mission to evolve the online dating world. Using her startup experience and her passion for yoga and the mindful life, she founded YogaDates in 2012, which grew into the online dating site MeetMindful. MeetMindful is a place where individuals can connect with people interested in health and wellness, mindfulness, personal growth, or spirituality. Our host, Andy Horning, sat down with Amy to learn more about the seeds of MeetMindful and how it has impacted her own dating life.

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