Episode 12: A Conversation No One Wants to Have

Stories told by Deb and Mark with Perspective by Dr. Susan Heitler.

A Conversation No One Wants to Have

Even within the medical world, they ask me about my blood pressure, my count, am I constipated, but they never ask how you’re doing sexually. I almost had to bring it up because we don’t want to talk about it. God designed our bodies. He designed marriage. We’re making a big mistake because it needs to be talked about. It’s the biggest part of a relationship.”

Sympathy can turn to empathy when we share the same experience with another person and connect more deeply through it. Mark and Deb’s story shows how the power of their shared experience and their shared faith helped them through multiple unforeseen struggles. In the second half, Andy talks with Dr. Susan Heitler, a clinical psychologist at the Rose Medical Center in Denver. Dr. Heitler teaches couples how to sustain a warm and loving relationship. She and Andy talk about the importance of words that create tension, like “but,” versus words that enhance togetherness, like “and.”

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