Episode 3: Interracial, Intercultural, Gay, and in Love

Stories told by Charles and Paolo with Perspective by Kyle Wagner

“You’re the first black Montorio and I’m the first white Archer.”

Summary: Charles is a nonprofit CEO and entrepreneur, and comes from a large family in Brooklyn, New York. Paolo comes from a small family in northern Italy, and is an executive for a luxury fashion house. They met at a party on a summer night and were married one year later. In a society that has not historically valued or recognized interracial, same-sex, intercultural couples, Charles and Paolo see their relationship as a testament to the multifaceted nature of intimate relationship.

Andy also talks with Kyle Wagner, travel and food writer, about her assertion that travel can be the ultimate test of a relationship.]


Kyle Wagner

The THRIVE Network

When You Have Relationship Problems, Who Should You Talk To?

“Intercultural Relationships: Can They Work” NPR

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