Episode 39: BONUS – Minding the Gap with Bing Liu

BONUS Episode: Bing Liu on Minding the Gap

With the Oscars ceremony coming up on February 24, Elephant Talk has a timely conversation between Andy and Bing Liu, director of the Oscar nominated documentary Minding the Gap (which also made Barack Obama’s personal list of best films of 2018!).

Minding the Gap looks at how boys become men and the masculine script in America through the lens of the very personal story of Bing’s childhood growing up in suburbs Illinois, without a loving father figure.

As a child, Bing played with little green Army figures and struggled to understand his violent stepfather. His skateboarding friends became his family as he sought answers to why we’re so emotionally disconnected in our technologically connected world. His road to becoming a man includes therapy and the healing that comes from his creativity. Don’t miss this heartfelt interview!


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