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Facing Cancer Together: The Power of Communication

Facing Cancer Together: The Power of Communication by Dr. Katherine Puckett @DrKPuckett @CancerCenter February 14, 2017 When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, or any life-altering illness, relationships are affected. In some cases, this type of crisis may bring a couple closer together, while in others, it may put distance between them. Which path a relationship takes depends on the couple, their history, how they communicate and their willingness to courageously talk about the hard topics together. As a mind-body therapist with many years of experience in social work, I have noticed that caregivers and patients commonly respond to a cancer [...]

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A Look At Season 1

In her book “Rising Strong,” Brene Brown writes about how important it is for people to tell their story. She says, “We are the authors of our lives.” Instead of “running from struggle, we turn towards truth and look it in the eye.” Nowhere else is this more necessary than in our intimate partnerships. It is imperative that we speak our own truth about what it means to be in a relationship. Elephant Talk is a podcast, platform, and forthcoming book. For the show, we record couples sitting down face to face and talking about this thing that is [...]

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Why Elephant Talk?

It was a cold morning when Sara and Robert walked into my office and sat down.  I had been practicing as a licensed couples counselor for a little over a year. I was full of optimism about the power of therapy to help couples do better together.  I still am a believer.  But something changed that morning.  I became aware of a force that kept getting in the way of nearly every couple I would see over the next fifteen years.  Ultimately, it drove me to leave my job as a therapist and start Elephant Talk. Towards the end [...]

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