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How do you start a sensitive conversation?

How do you start a sensitive conversation? By Dr. Susan Heitler May 2, 2017 How do you start talking about the Elephant in the room, about the sensitive issue that you don't want to discuss for fear that you'll fight about it — and at the same that is a very real problem?   Sentence-starters, that is, phrases at the beginning of a sentence, have major impact on whether a conversation will flow in a collaborative mode or will turn adversarial. When initial words in a sentence sound safe, listeners open their ears. If the sentence starter triggers a threat alarm, [...]

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Working with Sexual Shame

Working with Sexual Shame By Robert Kandell April 25, 2017 In the first grade, I was in love with a girl named Deanna. She was slender, pretty, popular and had this long, flowing, brown hair that went down to the center of her back. Every day, during lunch hour, I would have my sandwich and carrot sticks from my Emergency 51 lunchbox and stare at her. Every… single… day. It was my first case of puppy love. She sat at the 2nd grade table, half the length of the hall away, and I don’t think she ever noticed me. I [...]

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Starting a Men’s Group

Starting a Men's Group By Host Andy Horning March 28, 2017 One evening after work, my buddy Chris and I started talking about how hard it can be to connect with other men on a deeper level. We both had enjoyed the normal good times that guys have at sporting events, on weekend trips into the mountains, or even at parties. But those experiences left us lacking and wanting something more. We wondered what it would be like if a bunch of guys came together on a regular basis to talk about their personal lives. We wouldn’t do anything but [...]

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The Business of Selling Love

The Business of Selling Love By Erin Bosik March 14, 2017 What is love if not a language? It’s an experience. A feeling. An action. A point of view. It’s all of these things and more, but perhaps most importantly—and for the purposes of this blog, at least—it’s a mode of communication. As a copywriter, I get to evoke all kinds of emotions through the written word, and love might actually be one of the easiest because it can manifest itself in so many unique forms. When I think about my work in branding, the goal is pretty much always [...]

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Unseen Forces in the Lives of Couples

Unseen forces in the lives of couples By Raven Wells March 7, 2017 Gender dynamics in intimacy most often show up as a dance between internalized sexism in women and unconscious privilege in men. Over years of working with couples, I’ve come to respect how influenced we all are by forces outside our awareness. Contrary to media depictions of falling in love and living happily ever, is the reality that relationship is hard work. Intimacy can be amazing, it can also bring out the most difficult and sticky dynamics people will ever experience. The longer people engage in intimacy the more likely [...]

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Travel: The Ultimate Relationship Litmus Test

Travel: The Ultimate Relationship Litmus Test By Kyle Wagner @kylewagnerworld February 21, 2017 Two days into the trip, we knew we’d made a terrible mistake. We’d been dating for about three months, and it seemed as though we were ready for the big relationship test – a week away in the romantic Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. There would be skiing and hot chocolate and après-ski cocktails. There would be delicious restaurant meals. And there would be that sweetest of getaway perks: hotel sex. Except that it didn’t go quite as planned. First of all, he had skied only a few [...]

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