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Elephant Talk is a bold and unadulterated exploration of all aspects of love and partnership.

We pull back the curtain of politeness, and look beyond the laundered, sunshine and butterflies version of love. We explore the dirty and profane, the sacred and the beautiful, the ugly, mixed up, gloriously real kind of love.

With each couples’ story we see from a new perspective, we gain a fresh outlook on what it is to be human and in love. Each conversation helps shake us loose from the superficiality, the complacency, and the solitude that comes when we ignore vital aspects of relationships because culture and society have told us they’re not normal.

Our passion is not about uncovering the shocking or the strange in each partnership, but to illuminate universal themes in the wildly varied approaches to love and partnerships point out our similarities rather than our differences. Every relationship has its own versions of daily tedium and high romance, family drama and relationship bliss, passionate sex, trust issues, and everything in between. Or, as every movie villain ever would say: “We’re not so different, you and I.”


Through the years Andy has loved processing all things relationship! Whether it’s his previous marriage and divorce, or his friends’ relationship struggles and successes, he’s always wanted a world that is more open and honest. He’s been married for 13 years to Genny. They have two children, Campbell, 11, and Mackenzie, 9. He’s been in a men’s group for nearly 20 years and is a former high school basketball coach for 15 seasons. The last time he was on the radio was doing football game commentary for the college radio station. He’s fired up for more Elephant Talking in the world!

An LCSW couples therapist with a private practice for 15 years and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Andy is on the faculty at the Hoffman Institute, a personal growth retreat in California.

What is your favorite taboo relationship topic?

If we saw all of our struggles in our intimate partnerships as normal and a function of two different people trying to figure out a shared truth, we would frame how we spoke about those struggles differently.  And that would lead to solving those disagreements more quickly and effectively. So, lets start talking!

What is your favorite piece of relationship advice?

Many years ago a good friend shared with me this piece of advice: “She doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right.”  Wow, did that change my world. You mean we both get to be right? And I don’t have to address her belief, I just get to focus on what I think and feel and allow that to be enough in the moment? This little nugget has continued to nourish me through the years both inside my marriage and outside of it in other relationships, as well.


Kim Poletti, Producer

As a producer, Kim brings prior experience creating a branded podcast and years volunteering for Boulder’s local community radio station, KGNU. As a human, Kim has enjoyed learning how to grow from the relationships in her life. She is a wife of 17 years, and a mother to two children. It feels like she’s taken the training wheels off of her relationships and is learning to really ride the waves of human connection. And, the learning never ends! She loves creating beautiful audio and adding insight and provocative thought to the public conversation.

Q: What is your favorite taboo relationship topic?

Sex. The Puritan roots of our culture necessitate us understanding this in a wholistic and healthy way, so that we can take it back from the pornographic culture we live in, and make it our own again.

Q: If you could offer one piece of advice regarding relationship, what would it be? 

When times are hard, allow yourself to embrace the thought of a breakup. Because it’s only when we allow ourselves complete freedom that we can then choose to come back from that place. When you think you’re between a rock and a hard place, you have no where to go. 


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