Elephant Talk is a celebration of relationships, connecting through storytelling. It's also a show where couples share their stories, many of which might still be considered taboo. It's a revealing look at what love sounds like.

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SEEKING ALL COUPLES. Each of us communicates differently, and that can develop from family, from culture, from religion, from language, and from within. We are looking for couples to share their stories. We want couples who have gone through something small or big and have a great story to tell, couples who have dreams for the future, and couples who want to deepen their relationship by moving through a difficult issue. This is our chance to celebrate the depth, diversity and differences in people and their relationships. It's a safe and shared space where couples come to sit and talk face-to-face. What that conversation becomes is up to them. No advice, just stories.
If you are interested,
The time commitment is approximately 1 to 2 hours.
All conversations will be recorded for potential use in the show.

about our host

Andy Horning | Creator & Voice of Elephant Talk
Andy is a licensed psychotherapist, whose 15 years of private practice focused on couples and relationships. He is a faculty member at the Hoffman Institute, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to transformative adult education and spiritual growth.
Living in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and two children, Andy knows first-hand about the joys and challenges of sustaining a marriage. And like anyone else, he still makes mistakes or says the wrong things. But, he’s always working on being a better person, and believes wholeheartedly in the power of marriage and partnership to change lives.